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Peer Connect

At the GMIT SMF, we know from experience about the excitement, nervousness and all the challenges that face new students in particular. The Covid-19 health measures mean meeting other new students in person will have to be put on hold for awhile. The good news is, that to be at a distance doesn't mean we have to be apart! 


Peer connect is a fun, friendly and informal introduction to college life for first year students from ALL degrees.

Other students that are further along in their courses are more than happy to help first years transition into the life of the college. Whether you want to know more about your course,  potential jobs, a particular challenge with online learning or just want to chat, peer connect is here to help! 

Mentors can assist you with:

  • Strategies for effective studying, note-taking, test-taking, critical thinking, listening, and reading.

  • Strategies for time and stress management.

  • Personal situations - Peer Mentors will listen to you and offer advice and assistance, which may include referral to other GMIT resources if appropriate.

  • Adjusting to life at GMIT (particularly for first-year and ERASMUS students)

If you need assistance with something that isn't on the list above, and aren't sure where to turn, a Peer Mentor would be happy to hear about your needs and guide you towards the appropriate resources. 


How can I meet with a Mentor?

Mentors are available for appointments scheduled in advance and same-day appointments, depending on their availability and your needs. If you'd like to schedule an appointment you can use the contact form below. We will then organise a chat through zoom, email , what's app or another platform you may wish to use.

To Connect to a Mentor or Volunteer Contact Us:

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